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With COVID-19 forcing us to cancel our ever popular Sportshall Athletics events in the Autumn term AVSSP launched its very first Virtual Competition on 14th September.

Running for two weeks and tasking school staff and AVSSP coaches to deliver four simple athletics based challenges the competition helped bring physical activity to life and instil some competition into school sport once again.

So much so that over 4000 children across Amber Valley got involved, a frankly incredible number we never thought possible! Pupils were scored on Speedbounce, Chest Push, Shuttle Sprint and Track challenges with an average score then allocating to each school for mainstream and SEN/D pupils.

4000 entries meant 4000 certificates, 150 medals, 22 rosettes and countless ‘Spirit of the Games’ awards to help bring the AVSSP competition experience to each school in its own way.

A massive congratulations to every pupil and school who got involved, we can’t wait to see how you do on the next Virtual Competition challenge – Fencing!


To view Sportshall Athletics results click here

Amber Valley SSP are proud to launch our new Virtual Competition programme for 2020/21.

Our engaging, easy to use resource packs will help you provide opportunities for your students to be active and healthy while competing!

Simply download the Virtual Competition resource pack below to get started and submit your scores to

Good luck and have fun!


KS1 Football

Y34 Football

Y56 Football

This years Dodgeball events for KS1, Y3/4, Y5/6 and Plus students have already seen almost 950 students compete in a friendly, inclusive environment

With one event remaining we fully expect to top the 1000 pupil mark – a great example of the amazing support we receive from our affiliated schools and students

Sites in Belper, Heanor and Alfreton have seen a terrific standard of play but above all some amazing sportsmanship from so many participants. The events have been competitive but have also seen one team per event presented with a sportsmanship award while one individual per event has been named our honesty champion for demonstrating honesty above all other values

We’d also like to thank all parents and spectators for adopting AVSSP’s code of conduct and setting a great example to their youngsters!

Congratulations to every school and student who took part – we look forward to seeing you all at future events

We are pleased to announce that after a successful 2019 AVSSP’s Gambia coaching programme has been extended for 2020 after an agreement with partner organisation Cosy!

The project started in 2018 with the aim of inspiring and upskilling Gambian children in sport, PE and physical activity. Our aim was to encourage local boys and girls to take part in fun, inclusive activity to ensure a lifelong habit of physical activity in a country where poor diet can regularly lead to health complications. By instilling a habit of physical activity we hope to have a positive impact on the lives of local Gambian children.

Not only that the programme also provides vital paid employment to 4 Gambian coaches who are tasked with increasing participation in clubs, schools and recreational areas in their locality – much like our staff in Amber Valley!

After a training visit from AVSSP staff in 2018, Allie has a led the team of Yaya, Sam and JG throughout 2019 and has seen excellent participation figures across all areas with a huge upturn in engagement in girls, one of the key initial aims of our project!

Close to 9000 young people have participated in activity as a result of the programme with almost 2000 of those girls – a real achievement in a predominantly Muslin country.

We would like to thank Cosy Direct for their continued funding support and most of all our talented, dedicated team of coaches who are constantly improving the lives of young people across The Gambia!


Close to 300 students took part in 6 Futsal events trying their best to score goals and points for their teams!

Using terrific close control, passing and shooting players from Y5/6 were able to show amazing development and progress in both boys and girls competitions.

39 teams attended the events, 6 of which coming from SEN/D departments with every event played in a great spirit!

Congratulations to all those who took part, we look forward to seeing you all at future events!

AVSSP Champion Schools is a participation based award recognising those schools who have provided the most competitive opportunities for their students to take part in sport against other schools.

The competition runs throughout the academic year with an on-going league table published regularly. This allows schools to see how they compare to others locally in terms of participation and acheivement in inter-school competition

Schools are awarded points for attending any of the competitions on offer to every school in Amber Valley (borough finals are not included in the award), additional points are then awarded for finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd as well as for being presented with the School Games Values award at an event.

Additional teams at events are not counted towards schools points total with only the highest placed team being awarded points.

Schools are separated into categories according to school size with an additional Infant award. The top 3 schools in each category are presented with Bronze, Silver or Gold awards for their efforts at the beggining of the following academic year.

Approximately the top 50% of schools in each category are shown below, if you would like the details for your school please contact


Infant Schools:

P School Participation Bronze Silver Gold School Games Total
Infant Value 50 10 20 30 20
1 Croft Infant 3 1 170
2 Riddings Infant 2 1 1 150
3 Copthorne Infant 2 1 130
4 Marlpool Infant 2 1 120
5 Somercotes Infant 2 1 110

KS1 Primary:

P School Participation Bronze Silver Gold School Games Total
Primary KS1 Value 50 10 20 30 20
1 William Gilbert 2 1 1 150
2 Richardson 2 1 1 150
3 Little Eaton 2 1 1 140
4 Loscoe 2 1 130
5 Codnor 2 1 1 130
6 Long Row 2 1 120
7 Swanwick 2 1 120
8 Shirland 2 1 120
9 Kirk Langley 2 100
10 Ambergate 2 100
11 South Wingfield 2 100

KS2 Micro schools:

P School Participation Bronze Silver Gold School Games Total
Micro Value 50 10 20 30 20
1 Ambergate 6 1 1 330
2 Mugginton 4 2 1 260
3 Kirk Langley 3 1 180
4 Fritchley 3 1 1 180
5 Street Lane 2 100
6 Morley 1 50

KS2 Small schools:

P School Participation Bronze Silver Gold School Games Total
Small Value 50 10 20 30 20
1 Loscoe 10 2 2 1 590
2 Curzon 4 3 290
3 Breadsall 4 1 1 240
4 South Wingfield 4 2 240
5 Denby Free 3 1 1 180
6 Milford 3 150

KS2 Medium schools:

P School Participation Bronze Silver Gold School Games Total
Medium Value 50 10 20 30 20
1 Codnor 9 4 570
2 Kilburn 9 2 510
3 William Gilbert 4 2 2 260
4 Waingroves 4 2 1 260
5 Little Eaton 4 2 1 240
6 Herbert Strutt 4 1 220
7 Heage 4 200

KS2 Large schools:

P School Participation Bronze Silver Gold School Games Total
Large Value 50 10 20 30 20
1 St Johns Belper 9 3 5 660
2 Mundy Jr 11 2 2 610
3 Duffield Meadows 9 1 2 1 1 550
4 Leys Jr 10 3 1 550
5 Riddings Jr 9 1 1 2 540
6 Swanwick 9 2 1 520
7 Langley Mill Acad 8 1 420


If your school falls outside the selection presented here please get in touch via to find out more information

Three weeks of events in Handball and Basketball has seen over 700 young people represent their school and demonstrate outstanding skill, determination, teamwork and hard work

Cluster events in Belper, Heanor, Ripley and Alfreton have resulted in incredible progress from both a technical and tactical standpoint with huge numbers of children showing great understanding of our School Games Values and principles of competition.

Handball players in KS1 learnt to play as a team and respect their opponents while trying to score goals and achieve, the same was evident in Y3/4 with those students using tactical knowledge to overcome their opponents and win games, while in Y5/6 Basketball’s demonstrated outstanding technical skill in an extremely difficult sport all whilst showing outstanding honesty and self belief to while trying to achieve their goals.

Congratulations to every school, team and individual who took part and we can’t wait to see you again in 2020!

Two evenings of competition saw well over 300 students and 35 teams take part in this year’s TAG Rugby events at Belper Rugby Club.

In three fast paced, high quality competitions teams were tasked with showing their skills in a series of TAG games and skill station activities all aimed at developing rugby skills and inspiring students to participate.

The Development event saw 16 teams take part with incredible progress shown by all teams, Thursday’s Elite event saw seasoned rugby players battle it out to claim the overall trophy.

While our 5 a side Girls only event saw a mix of those new to the sport and many who were passionate about playing rugby compete and learn in a friendly, sporting atmosphere

Congratulations to all teams and students who took part!

If you loved playing Rugby at the recent TAG events and would like to know more about joining Belper Rugby club simply click the link below, open training is on Sunday’s at 10am


Three weeks of competition, 10 events, 99 teams across three venues has seen over 1,000 Amber Valley pupils compete in this year’s Sportshall Athletics series!

Students from KS1 & 2 put their hard work into practice by tackling field and track events all battling to score points for their respective teams – we’ve seen some of the closest races and highest field event score ever!

Each and every team showcased outstanding teamwork and determination with a terrific atmosphere created by the hundreds of spectators present!

There were wins for St Johns Belper, Codnor Primary, Curzon Primary, William Gilbert, Riddings Infant and Loscoe Primary with each team run close in some amazing competitions

Huge congratulations to every school who took part and a big thank you to staff who supported their attendance!

AVSSP’s first ever Self Belief festival saw over 100 students experience what it’s like to be a club gymnast with Amber Valley Gymnastics Academy.

Seven specialist Gymnastics coaches put the students through their paces making use of top class facilities and equipment! Aspiring gymnasts were able to use the beams, bars, tumble track, rebound and more taking part in fun, energetic activities alongside the coaches!

The festival was all themed around Self Belief with awards on offer throughout with each coach tasked with selecting Self Belief Champions from their group

Our work with the club also stretched to talent identification with those students showing promise in Gymnastics invited to take part in specialised competition practices with the club

All students showed a fantastic attitude to try new things and embodied Self Belief throughout the session before leaving with a certificate each and an invite to take part in a FREE taster session with Amber Valley Gymnastics Academy

Congratulations to each and every student who took part and thank you to AVGA and their coaches for their hard work!


To find out more on how to become a member of Amber Valley Gymnastics Academy and work with their excellent team of coaches click here