Competition & Event Resources

This page provides downloadable resources for schools entering AVSSP competitions and events. Here you will find competition rules booklets, calendars and resources aimed at making it as easy as possible to attend competitions and be to be as prepared as possible when you do so.


Competition categories: download for a breakdown of how AVSSP events are split into four categories in order to encourage a wider range of pupils to participate. Competition categories

Key Steps Gymnastics guide: download to start upskilling students in the routines required for March’s Key Steps Gymnastics events. Your schools routines can be adapted but must contain the movements from the relevant resource card
2019-20 Competition booklet – rules and formats: download to view all event dates, times, formats, rules and scoring systems for all AVSSP competitions/events this year
2019-20 Primary Competition & Event calendar: download to view a full list of events and competitions available to affiliated schools.
High 5 Netball Rotation sheets: download to help plan your team’s rotations for High 5 Netball competitions.