AVSSP has been fortunate enough to develop a link with an Indian school through our close links with Watchorn Methodist Church in Alfreton. The church, in partnership with AVSSP have long been in communication with Howrah School in Kolkata, West Bengal with an inaugural training visit arranged for February 2019

The school is situated in an extremely deprived area and relies heavily on support from outside agencies and charities to educate their students in all manner of subjects, despite being the 2nd most populous country in the world India still relies heavily on foreign aid.

India profile:

Capital: New Delhi

Population: 1.339 billion

Currency: Rupee

Flag: Green, White & Orange stripes with a central ashoka chakra

Language: Numerus including Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi and English

Did you know: India is the 2nd most populous country in the world only behind China

AVSSP have been able to send numerous equipment and resource packages to Kolkata with support from Reydon Sports and Quickplay Sports allowing the school and teachers to engage as many students as possible in Physical Activity – just like in the UK physical activity is vital in helping people to live healthier, happier lives