AVSSP are proud to be able to offer several bespoke Physical Activity opportunities to schools in Amber Valley. These opportunities are a fantastic way of supplementing a PE curriculum and can be delivered at the majority of primary school sites.

Tough Runner

Launched in 2018 the AVSSP Tough Runner is a mobile assault course which can engage your whole school in an exciting, inclusive health and fitness experience. As well as being physically challenging the activity will develop students’ resilience, self-belief and integrity as they are encouraged to overcome each different physical challenge as they combat the Tough Runner.

The activity course will be set up on your school site and lead by SSP staff with students facing challenges such as climbing walls, cargo netting, tyre runs, balance beams and barbed wire before earning their reward of trying out our 13ft inflatable slip and slide!

Contact info@avssp.co.uk to discuss how you can host a Tough Runner at your school

Tough Rower

Launched in 2019 Tough Rower see’s students access state of the art Rowing technology to compete in dry-side races in house, class or mixed ability teams. Their efforts on the rowing machines are shown on a large screen in real time allowing for an incredible atmosphere as students race against each other and their teachers!

The technology also allows for each child to be given a baseline fitness score and gives them the opportunity to better that score later in the lesson, relay races are another terrific way of including all students in a safe environment!

AVSSP will provide all equipment, software and resources along with at least 2 members of staff to support pupils through technique and racing safely

Ozzy’s Obstacle Course

Launched in 2021 AVSSP’s Ozzy’s Obstacle Course is a mobile obstacle course created to involve your KS1 students in exciting physical activity. The course is similar to a Tough Runner in terms of it being a physical challenge that will test your students self-belief, resilience and determination however, we’ve added a fun twist to keep the students engaged.

The event will be set up on your schools site and lead by SSP staff with one of two Pirate based themes delivered. Students will face challenges such as cargo nets, tyre runs, balance beams and barbed wire before earning their reward of trying out our inflatable Ozzy the Octopus slide!

Contact info@avssp.co.uk to discuss how you can host an Ozzy Day at your school.

Dance Provision

Through strong links with local Dance schools and specialists Amber Valley SSP are able to provide experienced Dance instructors for your school on a half termly basis. Aiming to provide an alternative to sports and games delivery in order to engage with hard to reach student groups our Dance provision can be delivered across numerous styles and genre’s.

This can be flexible between a full-day and half-day delivery as well as with after-school or lunchtime club opportunities.

To find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch via info@avssp.co.uk

Benefit Martial Arts

Jordan is a 3rd degree black belt in Karate and a 1st degree black belt in Kickboxing, his talent and dedication to martial arts have seen him travel Asia honing his skills and working alongside world leading athletes and mentors. Jordan has returned from Asia to manage a developmental Karate and mixed Martial Arts club for local young people.

Jordan is able to showcase his skills through an assembly to wow your students before leading lessons for up to 35 students teaching the basics of martial arts through key skills such as control, respect and discipline

To find out more about Jordan and to bring him into your school contact info@avssp.co.uk

*Please note that in the majority of cases these opportunities are prioritised for schools in Amber Valley, Derbyshire. If you are from a school outside this locality and wish to discuss availability please contact us