AVSSP delivers a range of competitions and events exclusively targeting students with SEN/D across Amber Valley

These events give students who would not usually represent their school in sport an opportunity to compete against other schools in a fun, safe, developmental environment in a range of different sports and physical activities


Secondary events 2016/17:

KS3 Football

AVSSP coordinate a SEN KS3 Football league open to any of the 11 secondary and special schools in Amber Valley, the league is played across 3 rounds with the winner progressing to the Derbyshire County final later in the year.

2016/17 standings:

1st: Ecclesbourne A

2nd: Swanwick Sports College A

3rd: Heanor Gate

4th: Ecclesbourne B

5th: John Flamsteed

6th: Swanwick Sports College B


Wheelchair Basketball To give students  experience of a new sport a Wheelchair Basketball competition is coordinated and delivered at Aldercar High School. The competition takes the form of a festival with each team playing each other at least once to form an overall league table, coaching and tactical advice is also offered with the main aim being to improve students understanding of the game and encourage them to play more in the future.

2016/17 results:

1st: Heanor Gate B

2nd: Heanor Gate A

3rd: Aldercar

4th: Ecclesbourne

5th: Swanwick Sports College




Indoor Rowing

This year, for the second time, SEN students were given the opportunity to compete against counterparts from other schools in an Indoor Rowing event. The competition took place at John Flamsteed School and utilised software to project the athletes progress in the race onto a large screen infront of them, allowing everyone in the room to see how the positions changed throughout the race making for a great atmosphere! Athletes from 4 schools thoroughly enjoyed the event, one which will definitely be in the calendar again for next year!

2016/17 results:

1st: Ecclesbourne A

2nd: John Flamsteed A

3rd: Swanwick Sports College

4th: John Flamsteed B

5th: Ecclesbourne B



Each year AVSSP put on a Boccia plus competition which attracts fantastic interest from schools across the borough especially with the added carrot of progression to the Derbyshire County final. The competition allows each school to play a number of games against other teams before being put forward into a knock out round, eventually resulting in a final between the best two teams on the day. This year was exceptionally well attended with 12 teams from 5 schools taking part to make for a brilliant atmosphere in the venue!

Full Results:

Group A:

1st: Ecclesbourne A – 12 points

2nd: Aldercar B – 7 points

3rd: Swanwick Sports College A – 6 points

3rd: Alfreton Park C – 6 points

3rd: Swanwick Sports College B – 6 points

6th: John Flamsteed – 4 points

Group B:

1st: Aldercar A – 15 points

2nd: Ecclesbourne B – 9 points

3rd: Swanwick Sports College C – 6 points

3rd: Alfreton Park A – 6 points

3rd: Aldercar C – 6 points

6th: Alfreton Park B – 3 points

Cross Country

To allow students to get an experience of long distance running and competitive athletics a Cross Country Plus event is delivered each year open to all schools in Amber Valley. Races are run across a 1000m approx grass track and comprise of relays and individual races which can accommodate large numbers of students allowing for new students to become the latest to represent their school in sport! In April 2017 Alfreton Park, Ecclesbourne and Swanwick Sports College took part in races across Eyes Meadow, Duffield with Ecclesbourne coming out on top to take home the medals!


To encourage the development of racket skills and give students an opportunity to experience playing competitive tennis AVSSP facilitate an annual competition at Ecclesbourne School. Games are played in the doubles format on short tennis courts using basic tennis rules. Each game is played to 10 points with the aim being that students get to play as many games as possible to build up their skillset in the sport. This year due to a fantastic level of interest the event was played across 3 groups allowing us to crown 3 seperate winners

Group A winner – Ecclesbourne

Group B winner – Swanwick Sports College 

Group C winner – Heanor Gate

Overall winner – Ecclesbourne


Go Ride Cycling

Each year AVSSP set up and run a fully inclusive cycling event aimed at SEN departments. The competition is flexible to the needs of those attending and includes races both across a cross country style course and a grass track velodrome. While there is a competitive element to the event the main aim is for all involved to enjoy their time on the bike with staff able to offer support in riding a bike to those in need of it. 


Congratulations to everyone who took part in an event this year, we look forward to seeing you again in 2017-18!