The Charity

Since 2015 Amber Valley School Sport Partnership has been constituted as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). More information about what a CIO is can be found at the gov website

Being a charity has allowed us to open our work further to include not only the children in local schools but to be for the benefit of all people living in Amber Valley and surrounding areas. Our charity functions to deliver interventions to improve people’s health. Our charities information can be found using our charity number 1162691 and visiting the charity commission web page. As part of this information you will find our detailed charitable objects which are:

“The objects of the CIO are, for the benefit of people living in Amber Valley, Derbyshire and surrounding areas:

1) The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities and opportunities to access sports and activities which promote health by involving physical exertion.

2) To promote and protect physical health by providing education and advice on nutrition and exercise.”

Our charity is Trustee led:

Trustee: Sarah Tew

I have been a trustee of AVSSP since 2015 and it has been a real delight watching the charity grow from strength to strength.
I am a headteacher in Amber Valley and our school have hugely benefitted from working with AVSSP.  The quality of our PE provision is second to none and the staff CPD has benefitted our team.  AVSSP contribute to our wider school life also including organising our school ‘Race for Life’ charity events.  Our children love the competitions which AVSSP organise. I was involved in putting together the strategic vision for the charity: to support schools and community groups access high quality physical activity and sport provision which will develop lifelong skills and create healthy and active lifestyles.  The senior leadership are passionate about this and it is the foundation for all work carried out in schools in our local area.
I am the link safeguarding trustee which involves ensuring that the charity have robust policies and procedures in place which are understood by all staff.

Chair: Paul Lesson

When I retired as a headteacher from a small Amber Valley school in April 2020 I was delighted to be asked to join AVSSP as a trustee. I did this so willingly because I had witnessed first hand the value which the trust adds to education of the children in our area through sport, participation and competition. Their provision has grown and developed over time with the inclusion of experiential days such as the “Tough Runner” assault course, which was very popular at my school with both children and parents alike. I am keen to ensure the ongoing success and development of the trust as we move forward together.
These days I continue to enjoy sport as both a spectator and through my participation. You may spot me out for a walk, a jog or hunting for a ball on a golf course!

Trustee: Kim Buxton

My name is Kim Buxton and I am a recently retired Headteacher and became a trustee of Amber Valley School Sports Partnership (AVSSP) in October this year (2020). My incentive for becoming a trustee was that I saw pupils and staff at my school benefit from the excellent opportunities and services provided by the coaches and staff.
Throughout my time working in schools, I have always ensured that sport and physical activity have had a high profile. It is my belief that getting children interested in sport not only helps them develop a healthy lifestyle, but it also sets them on the right course to be successful in the future. It enables them to develop team work, communication and social skills. It also fosters a positive attitude, motivation, commitment, high aspiration and a drive to achieve their goals. On a personal level, I love sport in all its forms both as a participant and as a spectator and still compete at local and national orienteering events across the country.
I want to support the partnership in any way I can to continue the outstanding work they do for our young people across the borough.

Trustee: Chris Pienaar

amber valley school sport trustee

The Trustees are responsible for the charity and normally collectively meet six times a year, to lead the charity forward in achieving its charitable aims.

The structure of the organisation:

Important documents: