Our Vision & Values

Amber Valley School Sport Partnership CIO is a UK registered charity through the charities commission, charity no. 1162691. As an organisation we are committed to providing a quality service to its member schools and partners through PE, School Sport and Physical Activity delivery in the local area.


Our mission is to;

“empower all young people to achieve, succeed and excel through PE, School Sport and Physical Activity”.


As an organisation we are committed to ensure that our values are cemented through everything we do from our trustees, staff and volunteers.


AVSSP core values


  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Enjoyment
  • Development
  • Quality
  • Inclusion


Integrity is the foundation of our work, ensuring that we do things in the right way and always for the best interest of young people. Respect for our staff, schools, partners and young people by showing care, honor and importance to everyone involved. Development is a key aspect to our world, developing young people, products, services, structures etc, we want to strive at making the organisation better and continually look for ways to advance the organisation whilst maintaining Quality and producing high standards throughout the organisation. We also want people within the organisation to have Enjoyment in what they do and their positive impact on shaping the future of the organisation and children whilst maintaining an Inclusive approach to ensuring that all young people achieve their potential.