School Games

Amber Valley SSP are responsible for the delivery of the National School Games programme, a government scheme for all schools with KS2 pupils upwards.

School Games is a pathway of events for students to take part in a huge variety of sports across a full academic year through competitions and events at a local, regional and even national level. These events cover a large spectrum of sports and festival formats giving schools an opportunity to engage as many students as possible in intra and inter-school competition. The School Games model is made up of four levels which schools can progress through:

The sports on offer as part of the School Games programme include Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Gymnastics, Girls Football, Boccia and many more with the year culminating in a summer multi-event festival with Derbyshire County finals in 10 different events for Primary, Secondary and SEN pupils

In 2018-19 a total of 16 different schools had the opportunity to attend a Derbyshire County final through their performances in the Level 2 competition in Amber Valley. The School Games values are a large focus of our competitions in Amber Valley with each event seeing a team awarded with a School Games Values award. This award recognises the values of Honesty, Respect, Teamwork, Determination, Self Belief and Passion.

Schools can also apply for a national accreditation through the School Games which can be accessed online at

All Amber Valley schools are registered on this website so if you are unsure of your username and/or password please contact