Secondary School Sport

AVSSP support the eight local secondary schools with their participation in school sport. This will range from collating and disseminating football and netball results to organising and running festivals and competitions. All the programmes are done in partnership with the schools in the borough with all collectively aiming to see more young people experience school sport.

To access current standings for both Football and Netball Leagues please follow the ‘Results’ tab on the home page

Throughout the academic year we provide schools with the opportunity to compete in a large variety of sports across all year groups, below are the listed results from the last academic year.

2018/19 Results:

Event: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Y7 Futsal Ecclesbourne Swanwick DNA JFCS Ripley Heanor Aldercar
Y8/9 Futsal Heanor Gate Ripley Aldercar Swanwick JFCS DNA
KS4 Futsal Heanor Gate Swanwick DNA Aldercar Ripley
Y7 Girls Futsal Heanor Gate David Nieper Ecclesbourne Aldercar Ripley
Y8/9 Girls Futsal Heanor Gate Ecclesbourne Ripley Swanwick Aldercar
Y7 Boys Cross Country Belper Swanwick Ecclesbourne JFCS Ripley Aldercar DNA Heanor
Y7 Girls Cross Country Ecclesbourne Swanwick Belper JFCS Ripley Heanor Aldercar DNA
Y8/9 Boys Cross Country Belper Ecclesbourne Ripley Heanor Swanwick Aldercar JFCS DNA
Y8/9 Girls Cross Country Ecclesbourne Belper JFCS Swanwick Ripley Heanor DNA Aldercar
KS4 Boys Cross Country Belper Ecclesbourne DNA Swanwick Heanor
KS4 Girls Cross Country Ecclesbourne Belper Heanor Swanwick
Overall Ecclesbourne Belper Swanwick Heanor JFCS Ripley DNA Aldercar