Get in 2 Sport! S – Z


Squash is a racket sport played in either singles or doubles against a wall. The aim of the game is to get the ball to bounce twice before your opponent can get too it, or force him/her into an error. The game is incredibly quick and is fantastic for fitness and coordination development. 

The best squash players compete in a World Championship every year – due to be held in Manchester in 2017 


Current World Champions:

Mens singles – Karim Abdel Gawad (Egypt)

Womens singles – Nour El Sherbini (Egypt)


Check out these videos to see the speed the best players play at!


Squash is a popular sport with most local leisure centres having courts available for hire. Information about opportunities to play for a club can be found via the link below:



Swimming is an essential life skill but it can also be a fantastic way to take part in competitive sport. Competitive swimming can be take the form of short course racing, open water swimming, diving or even lifesaving and takes a huge amount of discipline and determination in whatever form you choose. 

Swimming is a large part of the Olympic Games programme with each category of swimming having its own World Championships


Famous names from swimming & diving you may know include; Adam Peaty, Rebecca Adlington, Michael Phelps and Tom Daly


Take a look at the videos below to get a taste of different swimming disciplines:


There are plenty of Swimming and Lifesaving clubs operating in Amber Valley leisure centres, to find out more info click the link below:



Table Tennis is a racket sport played with a small ball on top of a table. The aim of the game is to hit the ball past your opponent or force him/her into an error to win points. Table Tennis can be played in either singles or doubles and is incredibly fast when played at its best.

Table Tennis has been an Olympic sport since 1988 and is played equally by men and women, with both contesting World Cup each year


Current Olympic singles champions:

Mens – Ma Long (China)

Womens – Ding Ning (China)


Take a look at these amazing rallies to see if you'd like to get involved!


Table Tennis can be played at all of our local leisure centres in Amber Valley as well as in plenty of our secondary schools, for more information on our local clubs take a look at the link below:



Tennis is a racket sport played allover the world on a rectangular court, over a low net. The small yellow ball can be served at up to 150mph given the power and accuracy of the top players! However tennis is also about skill and precision in placing the ball in the perfect spot with each shot. 

Tennis is competed in at the Olympics but its most prestigious events are its four major championships or grand slams, where men and women play on an equal level.


Famous tennis players you'll have heard of include Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Serena Williams and Johanna Konta


Take a look at some of the shots below to see how skillful and powerful tennis players really are:


Amber Valley has a few terrific tennis clubs to choose from, check out the link below for more info:



Volleyball is a sport played over a high net either indoors or on a beach – both of which are recognised Olympic sports. The object of the game is to get the ball to land on your opponents side of the net or force them into an error by striking a large ball with your hand. 

Volleyball is played in teams of 6 whilst Beach Volleyball tends to be played in pairs. As well as the Olympics Volleyball also has its own World Championships played every four years.


Current Olympic Champions:

Mens – Brazil

Womens – China

Mens (beach) – Brazil

Womens (beach) – Germany


Take a look at these amazing rallies to see how Volleyball should be played!


Amber Valley is lucky enough to have a strong Volleyball club inside its borders – click the link below to find out how to get in touch!