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Martial Arts the collective term for combat sports which include holds, throws and grappling. They include Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, MMA and many more. Each of these sports have different rules and regulations but all involve beating your opponent 1v1 over a set time limit (rounds). 

Many of the above sports are included in the Olympics and all have either their own World Championships or World Titles by weight category.

Great Britain has an excellent record at the Olympics in Martial Arts, finishing 2nd in the Taekwondo medal table in 2016. 


Check out the videos below for some examples of the varying disciplines of Martial Arts:


There are numerous Martial Arts clubs and groups in Amber Valley, take a look at the link below to find out which one might be suitable for you:



Netball is a team sport mainly, but not exclusively played by women and girls. The aim is to pass the ball up the court and shoot in the small hoop without losing possession, however you cannot move while your holding the ball! 

Netball's biggest international tournament is the World Cup, held every four years whilst the Superleague is growing in popularity in the UK. Netball is also played at the Commonwealth Games by international teams.


Current Champions:

World Cup – Australia

Commonwealth Games – Australia

Superleague – Surrey Storm


Check out the videos below to see some outstanding play!


Amber Valley are lucky enough to have a fantastic Netball club in the borough – Ripley Netball Club:

Club Name: Ripley Netball Club

Contact Name: Cheryl Naylor

Contact Number: 01773 745098


Venue: Swanwick Hall School




Rugby is a team invasion game where the objective is to get the ball over the opponents 'try line' to score points. The other team can stop you by physically tackling you to the ground, forcing you to pass the ball to a team-mate or surrender possession. 

Rugby is played in two codes – Rugby League and Rugby Union. The rules and number of players differ in each code but both types of Rugby are played with an oval shaped ball.

Both codes of Rugby have a World Cup every 4 years and have various versions of the sport such as Rugby 7's, TAG Rugby etc 

Current World Champions:

Rugby Union – New Zealand (2011 & 2015)

Rugby League – Australia (2013)


Check out the video's below and see if you can spot the difference between the two codes:


There are two strong Rugby clubs in Amber Valley, click the link below to find out which would be best for you!