Get in 2 Sport! A – C


Archery is a target sport which has been competed in at the Olympics since 1900. The aim is to shoot arrows at a circular target, as close to the centre as possible using a string bow, the closer you can get to the centre – the more points you score! 

Archery can be competed in as an individual or a team, at the top level Archer's fire their arrows from 90m away from the target, thats the length of a football pitch! Hitting a 10 which is no bigger than a golf ball!


Current Olympic Champions:

Womens – Chang Hye-Jin (South Korea)

Mens – Ku Bon-chan (South Korea)

Take a look at the videos below to see these two champions in action!


There are various Archery clubs in Amber Valley which are happy to take new members, to find out where these clubs practice and how to get in touch follow the link below:




Athletics, or Track and Field has been the main focus of the Olympic Games since 1896 and consists of running, throwing and jumping events. As well as the Olympics the World Athletics Championships are contested every 2 years (in London in 2017) with all the big names taking part. 


Athletics has an event for everyone with different body types and skills needed for each event, whether it be throwing a shot or running the 10,000m and everything in between


Big names in Athletics include Usain Bolt, Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah, all Olympic and World Champions in their events

Take a look at the below videos to see the different sports on offer!


Were lucky to have a very successful Athletics club locally – Amber Valley and Erewash Athletics Club who welcome junior members of all ages:

Club: Amber Valley & Erewash Athletics Club

Contact: Julie Feeney

Contact Number: 01773 880228


Venue: Rutland Sports Park, West End Drive, Ilkeston, DE7 5GH




Badminton is a racket sport played over a raised net using a small light 'shuttle' instead of a ball. The aim is to either force your opponent into an error or to get the shuttle to land on your opponents side of the net. 

The game can be played in either singles, doubles or mixed doubles. Badminton has been played at the Olympics since 1972 and has its own annual World Championships which will be played in Glasgow in 2017


Current Olympic Champions:

Mens Singles – Chen Long (China)

Womens Singles – Carolina Marin (Spain)


Check out some of the amazing rallies in the videos below:


There are numerous Badminton clubs in Amber Valley offering the opportunity to play more regularly as well as courts available to rent at all our leisure centres in Alfreton, Ripley, Belper and Heanor:



Boxing is a 1v1 sport where the aim is too force your opponent to give up, be counted out of the fight or win on points. Fighters are put against eachother according to their weight with various categories and world champions in each. Boxing bouts have strict rules about where you can and cannot aim a punch with safety of the fighters the main role of the referee.

Big names from Boxing include: Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Ricky Hatton, Carl Froch and Floyd Mayweather


Take a look at the videos below to see some professional and amateur boxing footage:


There are many amateur Boxing clubs in Amber Valley, for more information on these please follow the link below:



Cricket is a striking and fielding sport played in teams of 11 players at professional level. The objective is too score more runs than the opposition team at the end of the game. Players bowl the ball toward the stumps with the batsman trying to hit the ball away without being caught out by a fielder. There are various forms of cricket varying from 5 day long test matches, 1 day games, 20 over matches and Kwik Cricket all with the rules adapted slightly.

Major cricket competitions include the Ashes, the World Cup and the County Championship. 


Famous names from Cricket include; Joe Root, Freddie Flintoff, Heather Knight and Shane Warne


Cricket is incredibly popular and well catered for in Amber Valley with 18 clubs offering playing opportunities, to find out more about which club might be the one for you follow the link below:



Cycling is a sport on the rise in the UK and especially in Derbyshire with the Peak District right on our doorstep. Competitive cycling at international level takes many forms from indoor racing inside a velodrome, to cyclo-cross racing and BMXing to grand tour road cycling which take place over thousands of miles. 

Big names in cycling include Chris Froome, Chris Hoy, Laura Kenny and Bradley Wiggins, all British riders who have won Olympic medals and Tour de France titles


Take a look at the different types of cycling you can get involved in below:


There are many opportunities in Cycling across Amber Valley as well as in Derby where the new state of the art arena allows for track cycling locally through Cycle Derby