Five 60 Programme

Amber Valley SSP have been commissioned to lead on the delivery of the Five 60 programme across the borough. The Five 60 programme is a Derbyshire wide initiative which is focussed on improving the health and fitness of young people across our schools

The Five 60 programme is aimed at educating young people on the benefits of eating Five portions fruit and veg per day and take part in 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

The Chief Medical Officer has indicated that each child should take part in 30 minutes of activity within the school day with the remaining 30 minutes taking place in their home environment. Using our links to sport we aimed to bring some of the science behind the healthy body to life through the Five 60 programme using heart rate, steps counting, knowledge of hydration and much more to engage young people in physcial learning and create lifelong habits of healthy eating and physical activity

The Five 60 sessions are a combination of classroom based learning alongside physical activity and sport allowing for students to learn whilst being active

To find out more about the impact of Five 60 and how it can be delivered in your school please contact