Beat AVSSP with HomeCourt

AVSSP challenge you to beat our team on the “HomeCourt’ training app! Simply download the free app from the app store and take on our weekly challenge. Have as many attempts as you want to improve your score.

*Please note AVSSP does not have any affiliation to ‘HomeCourt’ and as such does not have any influence on how the data you enter is stored or used. Please ensure that an adult grants permission to download and use ‘Homecourt’ and the apps terms have been read and understood.


How to use HomeCourt

Find and download ‘HomeCourt’ from the Apple app store. Once downloaded create a free account and log in. We recommend setting your account to ‘Private’ in the account settings.

Head to the home screen and select the ‘Footwork Ladder’ challenge. Then choose ‘Workout’

Prop your device up with the screen facing you. Walk backwards until your body and feet are in the screen and the border goes GREEN. Then get ready to Go!

Try to touch the GREEN circles as fast as you can while avoiding the RED circles. At the end of 1 minute you will get a SCORE and a DRILL SCORE. Enter both scores below to appear on our HomeCourt leaderboard!

Mr Shaw’s attempt is below – see if you can beat him!

Enter your scores to ‘Beat AVSSP’

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