The Gambia 2018

This year we are pleased to be working with to support schools and young people in The Gambia to access sport and physical activity provision. Through our partnership work we have been able to source 3 local coaches who were unemployed to become paid members of the community through Jamisa Yiriwa Nursery School. There will be two coaches operating in the south bank region which contains the main capital of the country, Banjul, along with other big towns such as Brikama and Serekunda. The south bank is also hosts the tourists and is more advanced in comparison to it's neighbouring north bank. The north is more rural with little infrastructure, main roads have been developed to increase the flow of people to the nearby Senegal but many villages do not have running water and electricity. 

Yaya will work in the north bank covering the local schools with Sam and JG working in the south bank. Over the February half term members of the SSP will visit the country and train the coaches ready to be able to deliver sport and activities to children and sports clubs. 

We have also had fantastic support from who have donated a number of their superb portable goals. We have been advocates of these goals for years due to the ease of transportation and flexibility they provide. Many of the Gambian people will never have seen equipment like cones or bibs but the staff in the Gambia will have the following items;

– 5 size 3 footballs 

– 5 size 4 footballs 

– 5 size 5 footballs 

– 6 dodgeballs 

– x 2 sets of bibs 

– set of cones 

– whistle 

– pumps 

– x 2 goals for matches and competitions 

– SSP & Cosy branded kit 

Our schools in Amber Valley have generously ran Gambian themed days to raise money for the project. This money raised has helped fund the equipment that the coaches will use.

Watch some of our footage here 

If you feel that you can get involved in this project then please do not hesitate to get in touch!