Sport Premium Funding

AVSSP are able to assist schools with a host of support packages to develop the PE curriculum and staff leading on PE. For further support please contact us and we can explore the opportunities in your school. 

Open the attachment to find out what can be on offer in your school. 

Amber Valley SSP in partnership with TEC IT have developed the Sport Premium Web App to help you demonstrate the impact of the Sport Premium funding within your school

Having designed the system with teachers schools can document quickly their participation in sport, evidence the teaching and learning from staff as well as the pupil voice.

The system creates live data reports for schools so there is no need to wait or spend time adding up! The system has been used throughout our partnership and across the country to help with Ofsted Section 5 inspections.

Schools are able to download their reports and upload them to the website for their evidence. We have a demo account live at which you can trial for free.

In addition a new PE assessment feature will be available early in 2016. Further information contact

Below you will find additional resources to help assist your school with utiising the spend. If you require any support then please get in touch and we will gladly assist.