School Games Values Festivals

AVSSP’s School Games Values Festivals now offer the opportunity for schools to engage every single student in an inter-school event during the academic year.

Each event is themed around a specific School Games Value and rewards schools or students who demonstrate this value rather than necessarily rewarding those who achieve through performance

School Games Values; Determination, Honesty, Passion, Respect, Teamwork & Self Belief

The festivals aim to deliver exciting, large scale activities which students may not ordinarily be able to access in PE & School Sport with activities such as American Sports, Triathlon & Martial Arts prime examples

We hope that coupled with our extensive Competition & Event offer this allows even the largest schools the opportunity to provide a competitive sporting experience to every single student in their school

Each school is able to book places for up to 30 students to attend with a small cost of £5 per head allocated to cover additional event costs

Please use the form below to book your places:

*AM – 9.30am – 12pm            *PM – 12.30 – 3pm