This summer we were able to run our popular Holiday Camps programme again, 5 weeks of fun activities that we truly missed in 2020. The camps were offered at 4 different sites: Alfreton Leisure Centre, Ripley Junior School, Aldercar High School and William Gregg VC Leisure Centre with support from Mundy Junior School. Each day of the summer saw up to 350 young people aged 5-14 attend a full day of activity.

The days were filled with fun and engaging activities that helped develop children’s skills and character by boosting confidence and forging new relationships through part in sport and activity. Staff from across Amber Valley worked to support AVSSP and did a fantastic job at making sure holiday camps were as fun, safe and inclusive as they could possibly be. Children continuously returned to the camps week after week and were eager to begin their days with us.

Camps benefitted from a range of sports, discos, inflatables, dance, martial arts, arts and crafts, fitness sessions, drama, games, wheelchair sports, obstacle courses, rowing and even swimming with many children being able to swim with their peers for the very first time!

Dodgeball has as ever a big favourite with plenty of competitive sides coming to light with children up against their friends in team sports and challenges. Many of the children showed a massive amount of determination and motivation when getting their team mates involved in the games. Sometimes the coaches would even get involved and let’s just say, we didn’t let the children win on purpose!





Identified families across Amber Valley were able to access our camps FREE of charge with lunch, snacks and even transport provided for pupils who may have struggled to access the venues.

We hope everyone who attended our summer camps had a fantastic time and we’re looking forward to seeing you all throughout the coming year.