March 2018


Nine school teams competed for the Amber Valley Y5/6 Gymnastics title on Thursday evening with the standard of performances incredibly impressive all evening!
Students performed on the floor, the body management and the vault stations with their performances judged out of 35 on each before being added together to form a team score
It was evident from the fantastic performances how much work had gone into them from both students and staff which was remarked upon by all the judges!

After a fantastic standard of Y3/4 Gymnastics it was Breadsall Primary who came out on top just pipping Codnor Primary by 3 points
Students were expected to learn and practice three different routines – a floor routine, a body management performance and a vault jump. These three performances were then judged out of 35 with the scores added together to form a team result
The standard was amazing across all the stations with students showing off what they'd learnt in school across the half term

Seven teams attended Alfreton Leisure Centre to show off their routines at Monday's KS1 Gymnastics competition
Our young gymnasts were asked to prepare and perform a floor routine, a body management performance and a vault routine with points awarded by our team of judges for knowledge of the routine, technical application and application through effort
These scores from each discipline were then added together to form a team score and overall standings

After a high quality evening of Tennis it was Riddings Junior's A team who showed fantastic consistency to take home the trophy just ahead of Curzon Primary
Each team was made up of four students with boys playing against boys and girls playing against girls in singles matches with their results counting towards an overall team score
The boys leagues were dominated by Curzon Primary with neither Henry or Tait dropping a game. Kian from Riddings managed to finish in 2nd place in league 1 whilst Henry from Leys did the same in league 2

Around 30 students from Years 1 and 2 took part in our first Learn to play Tennis Festival of the week at Belper Leisure Centre on Monday evening!
The children were lead through a series of activities starting from throwing and catching a ball to eventually rallying over a net playing full tennis rules
The progress made by many of the students was remarkable with many able to hold a rally with a coach by the end of the session despite never having played tennis at the outset