December 2017


Congratulations to every single student who has taken part in any of the 27 competitions and events in 2017-18 to date! Not to mention a huge thankyou to all the staff, parents and sports leaders who have made these events possible from September through to December!
As part of the Amber Valley Champion Schools award each competing team earns 50 points for their school with bonus points on offer to those teams who manage to come within the top 3 places at each event!

Over 100 dancers from 8 different schools showed off their skills in brilliantly choreographed performances in varying styles of dance!
Our first Dance showcase of the year, hosted at David Nieper Academy's outstanding facilities was a hit with parents, schools and dancers with every performance exceeding all expectations!
Dancers from Infant, Junior and Primary schools were performed in styles ranging from tap to street dance, ballet to contemporary
As well as superb, imaginative dancing some brilliant costumes were on show to complement the dances

Seven teams descended on Alfreton Leisure Centre to compete for the Y3/4 Handball title for the Alfreton cluster!
The players were tasked with scoring goals and earning points by throwing the ball into the goal all whilst being unable to move with the ball, unable to make contact with other players and only being permitted to score from specified areas
Each team played one game against every other team in the competition, allowing the results to show which team was the best on the night!