July 2017


In our last event of 2016/17 it was Mundy Junior who prevailed finishing in the fastest time with all 16 controls correct
Breadsall Primary finished in 2nd place just 4 minutes behind Mundy and also with every control correct
In a competition involving 28 teams it was a manic end to a fantastic year of school sport in Amber Valley as over 130 students chased around the course looking for the correct controls

Thirty one teams took part in our first ever Tough Runner challenge all trying their best to earn points across various teamwork and physical challenges! 
The competition was in two parts, the first a grueling 1000m assault course asking the students to scramble under cargo nets, move through tunnels, climb over obstacles and leap over hurdles! 
The second was a series of challenges including carrying water, collecting markers blindfolded and crossing an area without touching the floor!
All the points were added together to find our winners!

After three tough rounds of Go Ride Cycle racing we crowned our 2016/17 Amber Valley champions at Eyes Meadow
The third round took the form of a grass-track velodrome with riders tasked with competing over 3 lap sprints to decide on points
Annie Mae went into the race with a 5 point lead over Sophie after winning both previous rounds and stormed to a third straight win to claim the title. Sophie took 2nd place both in the race and overall while Abbie from Leys Jr performed well to claim 3rd place overall